Water-boarding? No, just an NG-tube

Guantanamo bay prisoners have went on a hunger strike, so they are being force-fed with a tube down their nose, called an NG (Nasogastric) tube.

On the news, I heard about a rapper doing a video replicating this procedure. Yasiin Bey, known as “Mos Def” did this video about the procedure. I had heard that the video was difficult to watch, so I watched.

In the video, (which is linked below) he’s brought out in a prison suit, in chains, and strapped down to a chair. When they start inserting the tube, he’s shown screaming, crying, begging for them to stop and jerking his head away in horror. They never get the tube down in his stomach. He hangs his head and cries. A video caption says “Guantanamo Bay prisoners go through this twice a day.”

This was made in an attempt to elicit some type of sympathy for these hunger-strikers, showing us this barbaric procedure they are made to endure every day.

I didn’t know anything about NG tubes, so I looked into it little. I found a video of a demonstration of an NG tube insertion being done on a patient.  He doesn’t scream, cry, or honestly, show that much discomfort. Of course, he doesn’t look like a bad-ass rapper with a stage name, just a regular guy with an over-sized mustache. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve never had it done, but in the demo video the guy’s not even strapped down.

Yasiin Bey getting tortured:


Guy getting a medical procedure:


So, look, Yasiin, I’m thinking your video is complete B.S. It’s either that, or compared to the guy in the demo, you’re a real wuss. One or the other.

We’re keeping prisoners alive with a technique that, after a little research, is obviously a fairly standard medical procedure, and Yasiin made it seem like they were pulling out his fingernails.

It’s unbelievable we’ve had a big controversy over water-boarding when we could have just been doing routine medical procedures.  “Yasiin, better talk, man, don’t make me shove this tube down your nose. I WILL, YOU KNOW. THEN WE’LL PUMP SOME AVOCADO DOWN IT, I SWEAR.”  Guess this torture technique wouldn’t have worked on the other guy.


Young lady being tortured with Guantanamo bay torture technique

If you’d like to demonstrate something that really causes human suffering, here are some suggestions. Why don’t you demonstrate what it’s like to get blown up by a suicide bomber?  How about demonstrating what it’s like to be in an airplane while it’s flown into a building? Or, maybe you could demonstrate what it’s like to be in a building that’s on fire, and either burn to death or jump out a 90-story window?

Oh, even better, maybe you could demonstrate what it’s like to get blown up by one of those drone strikes, man, that’s got to be worse than getting a tube shoved up your nose.

We’re keeping prisoners alive by force-feeding them, and you make it out like its torture?  If you wanted to make a point about prisoners in Guantanamo, why didn’t you make a stupid stump speech like other celebrities instead of just making an idiot out of yourself by doing something so easily dispelled? Well, money isn’t brains. Mos-dumb.


4 comments on “Water-boarding? No, just an NG-tube

  1. fmlinardo says:

    Dude, my 1lb 12oz daughter got those every day for 4 months. She even ripped several out herself. She shed not a tear. She would just stare at you once she got hold of it and give you this, “oh yeah, well f@*k you” look while she slowly pulled that and her ventilator hose, and her gas exhaust hose right out of her belly and lungs.

    Mos Def needs to toughen up and stop being a shill for terrorists.

  2. Donald E. Felch says:


    I witnessed a nasogastric tube feeding first-hand three years ago at Gitmo. Not only was the detainee comfortable, but was able to calmly interact with medical personnel. I was watching from about 12 feet away in an open doorway. There was no screaming or struggling involved whatsoever.


    CMSgt Donald E. Felch Commandant Paul H. Lankford EPME Center

  3. JETSR says:

    Another great blog entry Fran; Sadly our media feeds a machine like this punk rapper.

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