That word


The “N-word”

I don’t watch Paula Deen’s TV shows. I’ve seen them before, when I visited my mother. She loves watching Paula Deen. All I know is Paula Deen likes butter, which I like as well. As you’ve probably heard, she’s been fired from her TV show on the Food Network, apparently for admitting using the N-word.

In a court deposition of a discrimination suit, she admitted to using the N-word. Her quote, regarding use of the N-word, when asked if she had used it, was “of course, a very long time ago.”

There’s more to this issue than this, but this post is about “The N-word.” By the way, this is Unfiltered Unfettered, and if a discussion about language, including the N-word, is going to offend you, quit f’ing reading.

Just to be clear, I don’t use the word or condone the use of it. I don’t like it.  That said, I’ve heard the N-word in a whole lot of movies I’ve seen. Many, many, movies.  In my own living room, by myself, watching a black comedian, I’ve changed the channel after growing tired of his repeated use of the word. I think just about every black comedian I’ve watched in the last 15 years, outside of Wayne Brady, has used the word. Even white comedians have taken it up. Louis CK does a hysterical bit on “The N-word.” Not the actual word, but the “N-word.”  (watch it here)

Once, when my children were young, we had stopped at a convenience store, my wife ran in the store to grab a few things. In the meantime, a car pulled into the space next to me, with a young black man, playing rap music so loud, using the N-word over and over, that I moved my car rather than subject my kids to having to listen to that.  After all, if they would have went to school and used it, after having listened to that, I wonder what would have happened?

I suppose the food network has the right to fire Paula Deen for any reason they want.  Their statement, however, said that the station “”does not tolerate any form of discrimination.” Here’s a news flash, dumb-asses, using the N-word may be inappropriate, but it certainly doesn’t constitute discrimination. Look up the definitions.


Hey you f’ing criminal

Paula Deen is a 66 year-old white woman, who does a cooking show,  who lost her tv show for admitting to using a word “a long time ago” that I’ve heard over, and over, and over, and over again in movies, tv, music, and comedy. Un-freaking believable.

Yes, I know the whole “some people can use it and some people can’t” argument. I’m just over it. This is America. Stick your political correctness you-know-where.

2 comments on “That word

  1. fmlinardo says:

    But, but,…she used the N word 185 years ago. Her skillet fried apple pie can’t taste good anymore, can it!?

  2. I guess she gets no credit for being honest during her deposition — a lot of people would not have been. The QVC crowd is threatening boycotts if they drop her products.

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