Ok, now it’s just weird.

I’ve been following politics for a while now, since Ford became President.  He took office on my 7th birthday.  It’s a condition boarding on obsession.  It’s probably not healthy in the long run, but what the hell.  I gave up diet coke, American politics is my only vice left.

Having said that, I must say the current situation is possibly the oddest thing I have ever witnessed.  I’m not talking about all the crisis surrounding the Obama administration, that’s just incredibly disappointing.  I’m talking about the strange bedfellows the scandals have created.

I mentioned it on our last podcast, but it has gotten even weirder since then.

Now, even Dick Cheney has pulled up a pillow.  Yeah, that Dick Cheney.  But lets start from the top.

The National Security Administration got caught data mining all of our phone calls by using a “secret” warrant.  With the rise of the Tea Party in 2010, bent on the destruction of Obama and his administration, you would think they would be foaming at the mouth over this.  You would think they would be calling for an impeachment.  So far, crickets from them.

statue-of-liberty-crying-1One of their supposed leaders in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, (R) SC, said on FOX-n-Friends that he had no problem with the NSA listening into his calls.  Graham said he doesn’t understand why people would have a problem with this if they have done nothing wrong.  Amazing.  The constitution is weeping. The actual document is shedding tears right now.

Senator Mitch McConnell, (R) Ky, made it clear in 2009 that all of his effort would be spent making Obama a one term president. The hell with the poor and jobless, Mitch wanted to bring down Obama.  So this seems like a great opportunity for ole Mitch to do some serious damage to the President.  If he was on radio you would think you were listening to Harry Reid, (D) NV and progressive leader of the Senate.  In other words McConnell’s mortal enemy.  Mitch stopped just short of saying, “I fully support the president on this.”

I need to take a shower.

I need to take a shower.

Too late anyway, former Bush 43 press secretary Are Fliescher beat Mitch to it when he said exactly that.  But Ari didn’t stop with the NSA stuff, he elaborated to say he also supported the drone strike campaign the President has been using to target Americans abroad for execution. When you get Fleischer in bed with you, you’re…, you’re… well you’re just not having a good 2nd term.

Look man, even Glenn Beck got in on it. Except he went the other way.  He attacked FOX news and a lot of republicans.  Beck is calling Edward Snowden a hero.  Which is odd because Beck called Bradley Manning, the wiki-leaker, a traitor.  But calling Snowden a hero puts Beck at odds with a lot of the conservative movement and in league with a lot of progressives who have turned on the President for basically running Bush era programs.

Obama's brother from another mother.

Obama’s brother from another mother.

If that wasn’t confusing enough, I bring you back to Darth, er I mean Dick Cheney.  He goes on FOX News Sunday and says he’s with Obama on this one.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

I mean Obama has been blaming Bush for everything since O’s inauguration speech. Which, by default, blames Cheney.  And actually, a lot of people refer to Cheney as the 43rd President, not Bush.  Anyway, I was just stunned to hear Cheney defend Obama on this issue.

All the scandals are bad enough, but now we have dogs sleeping with cats, tea partiers siding with progressives, it’s complete anarchy.  Where will it all end?  And more importantly how the hell are we supposed to keep track of all this?

When it was the simple minded tea partiers led by Trump and Hupp’s girlfriend, Sarah Palin, it was easy to keep up.  Those knuckleheads were chasing down some Kenyan birth certificate and blaming Muslims for everything.  Turns out they were just running a smokescreen for Obama’s real agenda which was carrying out Bush’s policies.

When the Occupy Wall Street hippies decided to stop bathing, live on the street, and someone else pay their tuition, the players were obvious.  The lines between the parties were clear and the aim point for our anger and derision was as big as could be.

Well now it’s just one big muddled mess.  Who am I supposed to insult and denigrate now?  Without a scorecard it’s just too hard to keep up.

So, in the next week we will chart the scandals and then list out who’s with or against the President and post it right here at Unfiltered and Unfettered.  That way we can hate the players and the game more efficiently.

Gonna be a lot of work.

Thanks a lot Obama.

One comment on “Ok, now it’s just weird.

  1. Kt says:

    Things are crazy. I actually agree with Cheney on Snowden. I never thought I would agree with him on anything.

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