Podcast Episode 8: Heroes and Zeroes

As always a lot to talk about tonight.  And, as always, here are the ways you can listen.

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Podcast Episode 8: Heroes and Zeroes

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Here’s a taste of what’s on tap for tonight.


Yellow Cake - My favorite

Yellow Cake – My favorite

Where for art thou Kim Jong Un

Un rattles sabres for weeks, then nothing. Has the little despot gone on a cake bender or did the Chinese send him a message? His silence for the past two weeks earns him a demotion from Unfiltered & Unfettered main topic to a short mention in Shotgunning the News.






Courageous Collins

Courageous Collins

Collins is out, supporters shout, & detractors pout.

NBA’s Jason Collins becomes first active player in a major American team sport to come out of the closet.  The anticipated backlash is ironically directed at the folks who don’t think he’s a hero.  Don’t even get me started on the Jackie Robinson comparisons.








It's messy.  It's the Middle East.

It’s messy. It’s the Middle East.

It’s Syria. It’s Serious.

The carnage goes from horrifying to the unthinkable.  U.S. has evidence chemical weapons were used.  Rebels and Syrian government point finger at each other.  Obama says red line has been crossed, so not what?





All this plus a special in-studio guest takes on Linardo in “Who Said That”.  Tune in to hear if Linardo kicks ass and takes names.


Podcast Episode 8: Heroes and Zeroes




One comment on “Podcast Episode 8: Heroes and Zeroes

  1. Amparo says:

    Yay for Oakleys!!

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