SNAP, crackle, and….POP?

Let me tell you what this post is not about. It’s not about begrudging people help who need it. I’m not against helping people who are having difficulty, need some help, etc. Remember that as you read the rest of this.

This post is about the insanity creeping into our society.

SNAP, which stands for Sustainable Nutrition Assistance Program, is what we used to call food stamps. No problem there.

State governments have hired recruiters to seek out seek out and sign up people for SNAP, even to the point of creating “SNAP outreach plans.” Little problem there.

SNAP is also being promoted as a way to grow local economies.

Florida SNAP brochures designed to prompt them to get the federal benefit bear such slogans as: “Applying is easy.” “Eat right!” “Every $5 in SNAP generates $9.20 for the local economy,” the Post said.

For the state of Florida, SNAP is a means of economic growth, bringing almost $6 billion of federal tax money each year into the state, the newspaper said. Similar to unemployment the money has a high multiplier effect and helps to sustain communities, grocery stores and food producers.  Source

Big problem here. Big insane problem here.

I’m no economist, but I have slept in some Holiday Inns. Let’s just define a few terms.

“Federal tax money.” – this is what I call “our tax money.” The government doesn’t run a business. It’s not like McDonalds, Apple, UPS, Bob’s Plumbing Service. Those are businesses. Federal tax money comes from you and me.

“Economic Growth.” Once again, I’m no economist, and also, I’ve been accused of being simplistic when it comes to complex issues. (I prefer to think of it as common-sense pragmatism). Anyway, I understand that taking money from my savings account and putting it in my checking account doesn’t mean I have “more money.”  So, when the State of Florida describes the SNAP program as “economic growth” what they are saying is that “Federal tax money” (i.e our tax money) coming from a welfare program into their state is “economic growth.”

I’m just having a hard time dealing with a state calling welfare dollars “economic growth.”

Just for kicks, I looked up the term “economic growth” in Wikipedia (yea, I know, don’t chastise me). Here is the opening line. “Economic growth is the increase in the amount of the goods and services produced by an economy over time.” So I read the whole thing, and it was basically, and I’m paraphrasing here, blah blah blah, “GDP”, blah blah blah, “industrial revolution”, blah blah blah “Human Capital as Growth.” I really was just looking for the part that said something like “Federally funded food stamp programs as economic growth.” Didn’t find it.

Hey, I’m not just pointing my finger at Florida. They’re just taking advantage of the “new normal.” The new normal is “spreading the wealth around.” Which is not sustainable for long.

By the way, more Americans are on welfare (sorry, SNAP) than ever before in history. Which would be in every headline if a Republican was president. But, hey, the current administration is doing a fine job. I really like how they handled the Easter-egg hunt in spite of sequestration.

Here’s the last line at the end of the UPI article. “However, it also adds to rising federal spending and the U.S. debt.” I suppose I should call this journalism that they even bothered to put this line in the article.

By the way, the POP is going to be our economy.snap-today

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5 comments on “SNAP, crackle, and….POP?

  1. fmlinardo says:

    Well where the hell is the crackle?

  2. JETSR says:

    You make excellent points Tony and I agree with you. We have allowed the “entitlement” mindset to overwhelm our country: the people and the governments. Sadly, our people and now some of our states cannot recognize that entitlements come from taxes and we cannot build our economy upon taxation…it takes jobs to produce income to pay taxes.

  3. joy says:

    Oui malheureusement c’est le lot de toutes les nations ,la pauvreté augmente ,et que pouvons nous faire: ; ceux sont vos impôts , mes impôts Les associations caritatives sont en progrèssions.

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