Podcast Episode 6: A Judd, a Dud, and a Thud

Literally a metric ton of things to talk about tonight, but we zeroed in on a few hot buttons.

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On to the show.

One and done?

Judd says the grass is greener in Tennessee, opts out of a run against Mitch McConnell for Kentucky Senate seat.

(psst, hey Ash, grass is blue in Kentucky)

I'm out people!

I’m out people!


Kim Jong UN-freaking believable

Un’s a dud, but his missiles may not be.  Tells world the military has final say on nuke strikes in US, then says he will nuke Los Angeles, DC and …. Austin Texas!?!?

My son Frank has a question for the Supreme Ruler.

Hey Un, what's a matta, you don't like our Fajitas?

Hey Un, what’s a matta, you don’t like our Fajitas?











Reince and Repeat?

Republican party members publicly insult Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, and the gay and lesbian community the week after Preibus announced a 10 million dollar outreach initiative to minorities.  The party reboot ain’t dead yet, but that dull thud you just heard was the first phase hitting the deck.

Oy Vey!

Oy Vey!


All that plus Hupp and Linardo finally lock horns in the Battle of Pintail Road.  Tune in to find out if Linardo made Hupp cry like a girl.

Catch it here: Podcast Episode 6: Episode 6 – A Judd, a Dud, and a Thud

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