Fiscal cliff diving (classless warfare)

You know a tiger by its stripes. Obama told Joe the Plumber “We need to spread the wealth around.” Joe Biden told Katie Couric “You need to get in the game,” meaning, “you need to pay more taxes.”

A blog post on  was “President Obama: There’s Only One Way to Solve These Challenges – Together “

An excerpt from the blog:

“The President said there’s one thing we can do right now to provide a foundation for a solution that helps the economy and gives middle-class families more certainty in the coming weeks. And it’s something that everyone agrees on: pass a law that would prevent any tax hike whatsoever on the first $250,000 of everybody’s income.”

“That means every American, including the wealthiest Americans, get a tax cut,” he said. “It means that 98 percent of all Americans, and 97 percent of all small businesses won’t see their taxes go up a single dime”

I’m always intimidated about writing about such things as this. There’s a lot of really smart people that write about this stuff. Until I realize that it always comes down to common sense.

So, Mr. President, I don’t believe you.  First of all, you’ve had four years to address “these challenges,” and “give me more certainty.” You’ve done everything but. Second of all, I’ve never heard of a politician that didn’t want to “help the middle class,” but you haven’t done anything up to now.

You want to help the “middle class?” Get out of the way and leave us alone.

It’s just easy to blame “the rich” isn’t it? Why do democrats always lay blame at the feet of this rich? Like raising their taxes is going to make everything ok.  That is so misleading, deceptive, and wrong that no one should believe it for a second, but many do. Fiscally, it’s a drop in the bucket. Its scape-goatism to blame the rich. By the way, it’s not just “the rich” that are going to get their taxes raised. If you think so, I’ve got a president you should vote for (oh, forget it, about half of you already did).

By the way, what is “The Middle Class?” Here’s the faq from the Census Bureau web site:

What is the income of the “middle class”
The Census Bureau does not have an official definition of “middle class”.

(More on the Census Bureau in another post. Unbelievable.)

So, do you think that taxes are not going to be raised on anyone except “the rich” (those bastards)? Remember, the tax cuts we’re talking about are known as “The Bush Tax Cuts.” You know, one of those rich-people loving Republicans.  Read up on them, the arguments are endless. (The arguments on the fiscal cliff are endless as well, pick who you want to believe).  My point is, if they’re not saved, all of our taxes will go up. Tax cuts from a Republican president. Under a Democrat’s watch. However, the Republican Congress will get the blame (Check the website). Obama, you are a clever player. Blame Republicans for increasing taxes that a Republican originally reduced. Today’s Republicans need to get some sand.

Look, I’ll admit. It’s far more complicated than I can figure out. However, as a middle-classer, (defined by myself) I know this, I pay a lot already, and I’ll be paying more soon. I would say “grab your wallets,” but you should have thought about that earlier in November.

8 comments on “Fiscal cliff diving (classless warfare)

  1. kt says:

    If taxes go up it is imporatant to acknowledge our Representative John Duncan Jr, Senator Bob Corker, and Senator Lamar Alexander voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011 (AKA Fiscal Cliff / AKA S. 365 / AKA Pub. L. 112-25).

    I believe both sides cut this deal, but these are our elected officials and they voted for it.

    Click to access BILLS-112s365enr.pdf

    You make a lot of great points (as usual):
    Foundation = fail
    Certainty = fail
    Higher taxes coming = probably
    Help the middle class = empty rhetoric from both sides
    Democrats blame the rich = I don’t know any Democrats, but I’m not sure they say this. Maybe they do. Either way it’s a great narrative for right wing media.

    I’m not sure what if any kind of deal will happen, but I know my Congressmen voted “Yes” to putting us on this path.

  2. whatshupp says:

    Absolutely. I know some Democrats, and they do say this. Financial class warfare has been a staple of the dems for as long as I know. “Looking out for the middle class” is a mantra all politicians chant when at the highest levels, although I believe few really do.

    • kt says:

      That’s disappointing to hear, blaming others for our struggles. I suppose we all may be guilty of it from time to time. The only reason that comes to mind for Dems hating the rich I can think of is outsourcing of jobs. That stinks, but we all make choices about the products we purchase and those choices have implications on supply chains. Do I hate the rich? No. Do I think they are greedy? That’s too abstract to accurately answer. Has the culture of the upper class changed? I think so. We all evolve. Men like Henry Ford, Milton Hershey and the like are few and far between. Those men (IMO) felt pride not just from the number in their bank account, but the jobs they created in their community. Things change. We have to change with them. Blaming others doesn’t help, even if it does feel good for minute from time to time.

    • joy says:

      Que ce soit la droite ou bien la gauche il faut voter un budget et pour le commun des mortels il est bien difficile de le comprendre si l’on a pas l’habitude des chiffres et les facultés de voter des lois (économiques,sports,militaires (défence interieure et extérieure ,jobs,justice )

    • joy says:

      La guerre des classes aura toujours lieu .Que ce soit en AMERIQUE, au JAPON ,en FRANCE,même dan les pays en voie de développement. Les riches seront toujours des riches par leurs moyens d’investissementsà l’intérieur de leur propre pays mais aussi à l’exterieur en plaçant leurs denirs dans des PARADIS FISCAUX. Les pauvres resteront malheureusement toujours pauvres car ni les riches ne veulent pas les voir évolués que se soit en matière de finance aussi bien qu’en matière d’nstruction car ils comprendraient trop leur façon de gouverner et leur façon de dissimuler la vérité sur tous les sujets de leur politique .la CLASSE MOYENNE est celle sur qui tout repose : le prélèvement des impôts ,c’est la classe qui fait touner le PAYS mais c’est la classe la plus préssée comme le CITRON (LE LEMON) .Entre les taxes directes et les taxes indirectes la vie devient de plus en plus chère .Les familles ont du mal à subvenir aux besoins de leurs familles :nourriture ,habillement,frais de maison ( eau -gaz -électricité ) gazoline pour le bon foctionnement de leur voiture .Je ne parle pas pour l’achat d’une maison ,la classe moyenne se trouve étrangler par des crédits exorbitants ,difficulté à rembourser suite au chomage du ,manque de productivité .Ceux qui votent la loi de finance ne sont pas dans le besoin ,ils roulent sur l’or ; trop haut pour regarder les classes du bas .Cest la rude loi des pays développés.C’est vrai à bien y regarder : si nous payons des IMPÖTS c’est que nous avons un certain revenu et un certain niveau de vie .De mon point de vue et celà n’engage que MOI ,je préfère encore payer des IMPOTS que pas du tout ,car celà veut dire que je suis insérer dans la société et que j’ai un travail,que je pourrai envoyer mes enfants à l’école, pour qu’ils poursuivent des études supérieures,et deviennent qui sait des ministres ,des ingénieurs ,des financiers de demain .

  3. Great article. So I love the fact this administration has placed $250,000 as wealthy or rich. This cracks me up for those of us who live in Southern California or New York or any state that takes $$ to just survive. Most… if not all my friends and family members make that combined with their spouses salary. Trust me …none of us are RICH! Talk about out of touch. ! million should be the start point for calling someone rich….I just shake my head.

  4. whatshupp says:

    Kellie, yes, as if the government even has a right to make such a determination.

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