Dire predictions (Why Obama got elected)

Here, presented for you perusal, are the top 5 reasons Obama got elected. I have collected these from personal conversations and, mostly, social media, so don’t be getting mad at me.  I do provide some editorial comment.

1. The democrats cheated.

This may have some validity. I know some democrats, and they’re all cheaters. The only thing that bothers me is, they are all bad cheaters, so….

2. There actually wasn’t an election. Your votes didn’t count. The president is selected, long in advance, by the Illuminati.

This is one of my favorites. Although it could be “The Pentaverate”….Colonel Sanders, with those wee beady eyes… “buy my chicken!” (It’s a well known fact, sunny Jim) (Watch the video, it’s funny).

3. The republicans are out of touch.

I don’t understand this one. Out of touch with what, ballooning up the national debt, giving stuff away, complete deception about an attack on an American embassy?

4. Only dumb people voted for Obama, and there are more dumb people than smart people in America these days

Based on unrelated observations of society, this idea could have some legs.

5. In our current condition, if he was a republican, he wouldn’t have been elected. Because he was a democrat, the mainstream media doesn’t accurately report the bad economy, unemployment, national debt or Benghazi with their typical “bad Republican” spin, so the average American doesn’t understand how bad this president really is.

Ok, this is actually mine.

I was in the military when Clinton was elected. We all thought it was the end of the world. It wasn’t. Here’s what happened…he got re-elected, then, after that, we elected someone else (Which is a pretty good story in itself).  Also, see, there are three branches of government, and…yes, I’m “cracking wise.”

Well well, we live to fight another day.

But here’s how it works. In four years, we’ll elect someone else. I’m pretty sure of that. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything good. Based on the results of this election, the next person could be just as bad.

10 comments on “Dire predictions (Why Obama got elected)

  1. kt says:

    1 = No. But Jeez if Petraeus is a cheater I guess anything is possible.
    2 = Although I enjoy saying “illuminati” I can’t make it sound like Don LaFontaine. No meat on this bone.
    3 = Lots of meat here. You make valid points about how the current administration stinks. I would add the GOP got too comfortable the electorate would return to previous demographics. Insert voice of GOP fan “I mean seriously, I get those lazy people came out last time just to see a black man become President, but there’s no way will take time off the street corner slinging rock to do that again.” Well, apparently the GOP was wrong. It seems the poor, lazy, uneducated, illegal, pro choice, weed smoking parasites of this country like democracy too. And they realized if they showed up to vote they could make a difference. The GOP was lulled back into comfort by a mid term landslide. Imagine what’s going to happen when all those terrible people figure out democracy works for mid term elections too.
    4 = I would argue we are all dumb since we can’t find a way to have an election where we have to choose between two or more fantastic leaders to be our President. Instead we are often relegated to choosing the one we feel “might” turn things around or will do the least amount of damage and hope for better options next time.
    5 = Pretty close. The GOP brand is in dire straights primarily because of a shrinking demographic. They have a tough choice. Kick the Tea Party out and shrink the demographic in the short term. Move to the middle and stop talking about electric fences for illegals, making odd statements about rape, and stereotyping African Americans as all being lazy, no good, food stamp, rock slinging moochers off the white man. Or stay strong to the conservative principles on social issues (sadly a shrinking demographic too) and prove they are fiscally responsible not just people who provide large tax loopholes for generous campaign contributions. And the media… To me the media are capitalists, not journalists. They owe us no truth (and rarely provide it). They sell spin and boy does it ring the register. This election cycle to the tune of appx $6 billion.

    In four years Hillary will be elected. The GOP can’t turn the brand around that fast. They need to make a decision on the brand. Is it really “Big Tent” or just a big tent where we let you in if you agree not to wake the sleeping monster at the far right corner.

    Top GOP candidates for 2016:
    Rubio = Didn’t help enough for Florida this time and can’t get it done next time. Party reputation carries more weight than skin tone. Hispanics are smarter than that.
    Jeb = Didn’t help enough in Florida this time. However he has an actual track record that would appeal to Hispanics. I don’t think the Bush name hurts either (though some would argue).
    Christie = I’m a big fan. He would put up a great fight, but probably not win. Hillary would carry so many women it would almost impossible to overcome.
    Portman = Great choice. Would probably get Ohio. If Rubio signs on it would soften the Hispanic blow enough to make it really close.

    The toughest job will be the primaries. Hillary will cruise while the GOP look like a bad episode of The Walking Dead eating each other alive.

    Why not just call it for Hillary now you say? Well there’s another $6 billion plus to be pumped into our pitiful economy.

    Oh and I guess after all that rambling I just might be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time. But hey a lot of smart guys got this one wrong and I don’t claim to be smart.

    • fmlinardo says:

      With you on Rubio and Christie. See my list under Tony’s response.

      Don’t think Jeb has the stomach for it. Especially since the obvious comparisons to his brother will abound, as well as the dynasty talk, true or not.

      Portman has no flair, zero. Personality counts, charisma counts, being able to excite people counts. Mitt struggled early with that. Don’t believe me, a guy with 8.2 % unemployment and 23 million people out of work just got re-elected in a landslide by any standard. 332 electoral college votes!?! 3+ million lead in popular vote!?! Should have been much closer than that. Doesn’t bode well for Portman.

      • kt says:

        Agree Jeb probably not going to be roped into it.

        Agree Portman has no flair, but that butt whooping he orchastrated on the President in the first debate was monumental. I’m not sure it’s possible to give him enough credit for it. I will say Mitt had to deliver it and he did. It was a Tyson vs Douglas moment for me. Never expected it.

        It should have been closer. Reagan certainly had charisma, but W? Maybe a little and he got through twice.

  2. whatshupp says:

    I agree with a lot of what you say, but don’t agree that the entire party should be characterized by one person’s statement, or that the GOP characterizes African- Americans in such a way. I think the GOP blew this by having a candidate that didn’t excite the base, and I agree that there’s millions of smart people in this country and it seems to come down to “these two guys.” The media have been capitalists ever since news ratings mattered. The GOP can turn it around, but they need to find the right candidate and get started.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Here is my list of possibles for 2016 who can get it turned around and some of the guys who can’t but will run anyway. Only the first two have a chance against HRC in my opinion.

      In descending order:

      Bobby Jindal – Governor of Louisiana
      Chris Christie – Governor of NJ
      Bill Haslam – Governor of Tennessee
      Paul Ryan – Congresman from Wisconsin
      Marco Rubio – Senator from Florida
      Rand Paul – Senator from Kentucky

      Wild Cards

      John Thune – Senator from South Dakota – possibly a Mitt Romney re-tread, so no longer as excited about him.

      Ron Paul – Congressman from Texas – yeah, if he’s breathing he’s running.

      Jon Huntsman – Governor of Utah turned douchebag of the 2012 primary. A one trick pony and Mitt mirror image with regard to party platform

      Rick Perry – Governor of Texas – if they agree to zero debates in the primary he’s in.

    • kt says:

      I don’t think the party should be charachterized by one persons statement either, nor do I think the GOP are a bunch of racists. I’ve spent 20 years surrounded by GOPers and they are the furtherist thing from that. The tough part is (my opinion based on zero factual data) when African Americans think GOP they don’t about GIs, Bankers, Pastors, etc. They think of Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Rupert Murdoch, Grover Norquist, Mitch McConnell and the like. When they (Bill O’Reilly on this particular subject) complain about freeloaders and… well unemployment may be going down but Obama (Santa) still has 45 million americans (all his homies) on the dole it doesn’t register to poor white trash that he’s talking about them too. But African Americans go, “Hey I think he’s mocking me, mabybe he should try walking in my shoes before he belittles me.” These statements may rally the base but they piss a lot of people off in the process.

      The five names listed above are the face of the GOP brand (along with others) and they are not changing their stripes. That’s why I think the brand can’t turn around in four years. Remove those guys and let Boehner and Rubio (speak for themselves and not be told to walk back how they really feel) and the brand could turn around. A few GOPers have already stepped up and said we need to be more inclusive, but the purists are not going to like that and it’s not going to sell ads for fake gold and viagra on Fox News.

      You are 100% correct (never a suprise) that Mitt didn’t excite the base. It’s a shame. He’s a intelligent, successful man who seems to have strong values. I wish him well. His concession speech was a model for how to rise above defeat with class and dignity.

  3. kt says:

    @fmlinardo All great candidates and I’m all about Bill Haslam. Heck Rubio’s presence alone on stage in the primaries could help. Paul Ryan and Rand Paul seem to be a bit polarizing. Great for primaries not so much for the general.

  4. joy says:

    vu de l’exterieur .C’est à dire de la FRANCE .Il faut faire confiance à mrs OBAMA .4 ans c’est peu pour réaliser :la baisse du chomage (déjà en baisse depuis 4 ans je tiens à le faire remarquer à vos lecteurs ) créer des emplois avec une économie en baisse ,il faut pouvoir le faire surtout avec sandy qui a frappé les states de plein foué .Les intempéries qui vont se succéder .Laissons à mrs obama le temps de changer d’équipe et de pouvoir entreprendre de nouvelles réformes,de créer de nouveaux jobs et que le peuple américains ne soit pas impatient .Pour moi ,je vois dans 4 ans MME CLINTON AUX COMMANDES,pourquoi :en 4 ans elle a eu le temps de se forger une réputation ,elle est une fine diplomate ,et en tant que femme je sais qu’en matière de politique il faut jouer des coudes et qu’une femme est beaucoup plus subtile pour l’avoir moi même pratriqué et que je pratique encore Quant au vote des afro américains,etc….il faut compter avec eux , le monde a évolué ,les mariages mixtes sont en augmentation ,et arrêtons le racisme .dans chaque race il y a des bons et des méchants,des léttrés et des illétres, des riches et des pauvres .UN PAUVRE qui nait pauvre se contenteras de peu il pourra s’élevé tandis qu’UN RICHE qui devient pauvre est anéanti d’ou la naissance du racisme car le blanc a peur que les autres races lui prenent sa place, son travail

    • fmlinardo says:

      Joy, une chose à garder à l’esprit, ces messages sont tounge dans la joue la plupart du temps. Nous sommes juste se moquer du système poltitical et les journalistes de la télévision qui font l’analyse matin, midi et soir.

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