We’re rolling now….








Remember, first man to 270 wins.  Only enough votes for one man to get 270, and they can’t tie at 270.  They can tie at 269.  Then the Congress gets to decide.  We won’t get to a 269 tie.

It’s currently 19 to 3 for Romney.  New results below.

Romney takes West Virginia.  Give him 5.

Romney takes South Carolina.  Add 9 more.

Romney takes Georgia.  No surprise.  Obama never campaigned there.   But 16 more for Romney.

The count

Romney 49

Obama 3

Ohio and Virginia still to close to call.  Polls are closed but reports of lines 200 people deep still waiting to vote.  Law says if you’re in line you get to vote no matter when the polls close.  Might be 9pm eastern before VA vote comes in.










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