President Barak Obama has won re-election








The United States of America has again conducted a free and peaceful, (so far), election for the highest office in the country and most powerful office in the world.

Hard to fathom, but the President has won a second term.  He has won Oregon, Colorado, Iowa, and that elusive Ohio.  Should he go on to win Florida or Virginia it will be an electoral landslide.  Romney needs to win one of those two to keep from  getting a real beat down.  Again, hard to understand a loss so large

Couple that to the Senate races and the republicans have some soul searching to do.

I’m a big fan of the man, not a fan of the campaign he ran.  Say what ever you want, it was dirty and dishonest and beneath him.  Romney did the same, but Obama was supposed to be above that.  He’s not.  It’s why I voted for Romney this year.

But I’m an American and a retired vet.  That means Barak Obama is my President, freely elected by the citizens of this country.

Congratulations America, you’ve shown the world exactly why we are still the greatest nation on the earth.





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