On and on we go…









Romney takes Arizona and Nebraska.  Obama gets New Mexico.  All predicted.  Still coming down to Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

More puzzling than the Presidential race is the race for the Senate.  The republicans are literally getting run off the floor of the Senate.  Sherrod Brown (D) of Ohio has been reelected in a race republicans thought was ripe for picking.  Tim Kaine (D) Virginia has defended the seat vacated by retiring senator Jim Webb (D).   Just a shellacking.

As someone said on facebook of all places, it doesn’t matter if Romney wins, the country is moving left.  Sort of true, but some governors races are tilting republican.  So hard to say.  But there will be a reckoning within the republican party for the ass kicking they are taking on the senate floor.  Republican National Chairman Reince Preibus will most likely resign if Romney loses.

Either way, big shake up and refocus needed in republican land.  The question framing the shake up: If Obama is so bad why is the race so tight.  Indeed, the R’s took what looked like an uncontested layup and turned it into a double teamed three pointer at the buzzer.

So still waiting and still here.












2 comments on “On and on we go…

  1. gwes25 says:

    Fran, my opinion on the governors going republican is people want conservatives to run state money(local taxes) and want a dem in pres to give out federal dollars. More money in pot.

    I turned on Fox News around 8 ish last night and knew it was over when Bill O’Reilly looked like some one ate his ice cream and said 50% of the nation wants something for free and that was how the pres was going to get re-elected. Just an old mans opinion, I could be wrong!

  2. fmlinardo says:

    I think you are right on the governor issue. Although after all the votes were counted in the wee hours Wednesday morning the GOP only picked up one governorship. It was a big one though. North Carolina has not had a republican governor since the 70s.

    Interesting stat: since 2004 only two republican governor candidates have lost an election in which they were the challenger vs. an incumbent, and both were this Tuesday. That’s a pretty stellar batting average and goes to proving your point I think.

    I think O’Reilly was out to lunch on that. He looked drunk or stoned. The dude won, why he won is really irrelevant.

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