Sarah, Joe B, and the zombie apocalypse (the rejoinder)

Ok, Fran, you yanked my chain.

Just for you, no one votes for the vice-president. You know that.  At the very least, if the killa from Wasilla would’ve made it, at least I would have enjoyed seeing the vice-president once in a while. So, you’re going to make an argument that Joe B. is smarter that her? I’ll take that. Although, Uncle Joe may be more entertaining (at least from a distance), he’s no genius compared to anyone. Ok, maybe to a guy I saw in Wal-Mart the other day, but definitely not to sweet Sarah. Yea, I did say “sweet Sarah.”

Since you got me started, let me just state my position on Sarah Barracuda. If she was a democrat, she’d be a popular media darling admired by every famous, vacuous celeb you could name. All the ignorant Eva Longoria’s, Babba Wawa’s and Barbara Streisand’s of the world would love her. She’s good-looking, tough, determined, a self-made woman, doesn’t take jack from anyone, comes from a working class background. Which is probably why she angers them so much, because she’s all that and a conservative.   Yes, I know the state of Alaska has the population of Columbus, Ohio, but she still got elected Governor.

She accepted an offer to run for vp, but no, she was not ready for the national spotlight. She could occasionally hold her own, but she didn’t help herself that she had some bad interviews. She wasn’t ready for that. But they attacked her like pit bulls on a puppy. The number and nature of vicious attacks on that woman and her family should have embarrassed us. Well, maybe it would have in another time when we still thought the F-word wasn’t something to be used in public, but not anymore.  They attacked her that way because they were afraid of her, and they still are. It’s human nature. Science, baby, I don’t make it up.

Anyway, I’ll make you this offer. When the zombie apocalypse comes, and we have to pick between Uncle  Joe and Sarah Barracuda, I’m taking Sarah as my lead axe-swinger and you can have Joey B, you betcha.

Good luck, meat.


2 comments on “Sarah, Joe B, and the zombie apocalypse (the rejoinder)

  1. Chris Coyne says:

    …and here we go…:)

    Now that sounds more like the “pre-0900, not yet caffeinated” Hupp that we all know and love.

    You betcha? Really?

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