Tonight’s debate guide

Here’s a guide for tonight’s debate.

Obama’s foreign policy debate points:

  1. Don’t mention that you went on a global apology tour at the beginning of your presidency to tell them we were sorry, and that we’d been arrogant. Because it didn’t work.
  2. Hey, you killed Bin Laden, you’ll get a lot of credit for that.
  3. Try to act interested, and do your “I’m smarter than you,” shtick, the base always loves that.

Romney’s foreign policy debate points:

  1. Don’t appear to be politicizing national security….by politicizing national security.
  2. Stick to your speaking points.
  3. Don’t say you’ll kill Big Bird or any other popular muppet-type figue.

Points to watch for in tonight’s debate:

  1. Obama’s defense of four years of weak foreign policy.
  2. How much credit Obama will take for killing Bin Laden.
  3. A lot of talk on Libya. The narrative continues to change.  At this point, everything is damage control, so establishing dominance on this topic could tip the debate on way or the other.
  4. The latest sound bite. “Big bird?”, “Binders of women?” Unfortunately, it’s true that the best (or the worst) sound bite could sway the unwashed masses and carry the election.

What I’d like to see:

  1. Some honest talk about what the hell you’re going to do without referencing each other’s retirement plan.
  2. I don’t want either one to tell me they’re going to fix the Middle East. Because you can’t. Just inform me on your position.
  3. Some sincerity. You could fault W for a lot of stuff, but the guy was sincere.

For better or worse, this is the third and final round.

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