Theatre of the absurd, or, the de-sodification of America.

Because there’s nothing left to say on the subject, and I’m anxiously waiting for old Uncle Joe on the debates, I thought I’d write about it.
Imagine this conversation from a few years ago.
Me, “You know, the government is starting to over-step their bounds. There are people in government who believe ‘the government knows what’s good for you’  better than people know for themselves.
Other person, “Well, some government intervention is necessary. We have to have rules.”
Me, “Well, if we let them get away with too much, they’ll keep legislating their ideas of what’s good for you. It’s big brother guh-meant  (That’s how we say it in the south). I mean, what if they start outlawin large sodas because they think they’re making people fat?”
Other person, “Oh, cmon now, that’s ridiculous.”

The question I really want answered is why take a knife to a gun fight? Cmon, swing for the fences. Outlaw all-you-can- eat buffets. I’ve been to a couple and I rarely see a lot of skinny people there. Outlaw candy machines. If you’re going to decide what’s good for people, why be a wuss about it.
However, the reason we bring a knife to a gun fight is because this isn’t a fight and that’s a bad analogy. The reason you start with 32 ounce sodas is because you can’t start out outlawing McDonalds or what they serve.  Just start small, get your foot in the door. Because, we know outlawing 32 ounce drinks will really have an impact on obesity. People will burn a lot more calories carrying two 16 ounce drinks than one 32 ounce drink. Next, let’s outlaw super-sizing. I mean, every time I get fast-food, they’re always asking me if I want to upsize. How can I be held responsible to say “no.”? I just want to know how I’m going to wash down my wheelbarrel-o-popcorn the next time I see a movie.

By God, the government needs to decide what’s good for people. Start making decisions about what people should and shouldn’t do. I mean, if the government’s going to start providing everyone’s health care, well, they should have some decision making power about what’s good for people’s health.

You can have this French Fry when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers.

Yea, I know, “That’s ridiculous.”

One comment on “Theatre of the absurd, or, the de-sodification of America.

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