Welcome to Unfiltered and Unfettered: The World Explained –  by Us.

The Us is my friend Tony and I.  We both write our own blogs. I write a Stay at Home Dad blog called Frank’s Place.  I mix in some politics at Frank’s Place but felt it was time to move it to a new and separate venue.  Tony writes on social media and the medical field as well as politics at a blog called whatshupp.  We decided to join forces on a blog that focuses on the world, politics, finance, social issues, etc…  Sounds great right.  Here’s the rub.

We are not in lock step.  We will agree on some things but most likely disagree on some things.  But we are not ideologues either.  We have no problem calling out BS when we see it, no matter who’s slinging it and our collective eye site is pretty good. There is one area where we are in lock step – our habit, desire, and ability to speak our minds.  Hence the title Unfiltered and Unfettered.

You will get unfiltered opinion here.  We will say what we think.  And since we have both retired from the United States Air Force after 20+ year careers we no longer need to worry about filters.  Although we never really did when we were in either.  Probably one of the reasons we became such good friends.

We’re unfettered in that we don’t hold fast to a position just because a conservative or progressive advanced it. We may not be the smartest bananas on the inter-webs but we do ok.  I say that to say this, we are able to discern crap when we read it or hear it, regardless of party or label.

No matter the format, back and forth, collaborative, or head to head arguing, rest assured whatever we write will be what we think, exactly how we think it.


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