The First Debate?

I tuned in for the debate. I’m not sure I got one, but here’s my thoughts.

I was initially impressed by the red, blue, tie selections. Nice fellas, somebody work that up for you, to have to those plain, coordinated ties?  I was actually reminded of George Bush when Obama started talking and said “…blah, blah, blah, the ‘Merican People.”

So, I’m not a professional political pundit (nice alliteration, eh!), nor am I a debate coach, but I think if you’re nodding your heading when the other guys talking, you’re not doing well. Also, try not to say “ok” when the moderator’s talking to the other guy, it makes it seem like you’re guilty of something.    

I had to wonder if someone told Obama he was going on Letterman instead participating in a debate. I mean, the guy has done a lot of TV shows, and they never argue with him when he’s on “The View.” Maybe he’s a little rusty in the old “debate 101” tactics. Romney showed expertise, while Obama’s responses showed that the economy is not Obama’s strong suite. To quote another politician involved in the race, no one should be surprised that “the middle class have been buried the last four years.”  Obama’s expertise is in, uh, well, let me get back to you on that.  Oh that’s right, “community organizing.”  Which, by the way, he’s done a nice job with. No, I don’t know what that means, just trying to say something nice.

So here I am, Joe average (not a plumber) sitting on my couch, trying to follow this, and I keep hearing the word “trillions.” I gotta tell you, it really puts me off. I think someone should tell them to at least bring it down to “billions” you know, stuff the average guy can relate with. When someone’s trying to scratch out a couple hundred for a weekend at Myrtle Beach, you gotta bring it down where people can relate, that’s all I’m saying.

2 comments on “The First Debate?

  1. It was a train wreck… kinda sad too watch Obama so ill-prepared and very embarrassing performance for a POTUS. Romney was fantastic, prepared new his stuff and calm. Reminded me of the Kennedy vs Nixon debate. Kennedy tan and calm Nixon sweaty and nervous. Not fun to watch our POTUS perform that poorly… funny you think as a Republican I would be thrilled. Not so…just sad … very sad.

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