UFUF 92 – 270 for the win!

In 2012, Obama won the election 303 to 235. That’s electoral college votes, by the way. It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election. Actually, it takes five things to win the presidency. Money, Momentum, Message, more Money, and 270 electoral college votes. Ok, maybe that’s 274 things.

Meanwhile, Texas has multiple problems. Last week was an ISIS attack and a conspiracy takeover. This week, bikers shoot it out at “Twin Peaks.”

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UFUF 92 – 270 for the win!




“I hope you guys brought some quarters, I think this is getting ready to run out”









I got little Nukes

Everybody’s favorite psychotic mad man, Kim Jong Un, says he’s got miniaturized nukes and a sub that can shoot them. He’s got pictures. What experts think is he’s got a high-school student with a bootleg copy of Photoshop.


George, your slip is showing

George Robert Stephanopoulos wrote “All Too Human” documenting his time as Bill Clinton’s right-hand man. Which consists of handling a lot of disgruntled women. Apparently he’s now a journalist, and as a journalist, you can’t give money to political candidates, then attack others in defense of the Clintons. Oh, wait, that’s just the mainstream media, yea? To quote one of my college professors, the only qualification for a journalist is “to have a job as a journalist.”

The Electoral College


The Electoral College Map



It takes 270 to be the president and the Republicans need to flip a few states to win in 2016. We discuss the electoral map and how it could happen.


Biker shootout at Twin Peaks




That is not the title of a seventies movie. Bikers shoot it out over turf wars in Texas. Tony says “I’m no Stephanopoulos” and reveals his membership in a biker club, the “H.O.G” (Harley Owners Group). They drive to the Dairy Queen on Tuesday’s for parfaits. Their wives defend the turf if need be. #bikerlivesmatter

All that, plus Google cars that wreck and if you’re a Boy Scout, you can’t get that “squirt gun badge” anymore.

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UFUF 92: 270 for the win

UF/UF 91: Don’t mess with Texas!

Yeah, Texas. It’s big. It’s bad. It’s prepared for invasion? The Governor of Texas is here to say if you want some of the Lone Star State you had better come correct. The Texas Guard (not to be confused with the National Guard of Texas) is prepared to repel all invaders domestic or ya know, domestic.

Meanwhile two ISIS terrorists open fire on artists in Austin Texas. In other news, two ISIS terrorists died when the were shot to death after opening fire on artists in Austin Texas. It shouldn’t be funny but it just is. Oh, and Chuck Norris!

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UF/UF 91: Don’t mess with Texas!

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Tease me Johnny.

Took out Wendy Davis. About to take out the Navy Seals.

Took out Wendy Davis. About to take out the Navy Seals.

Come at me bro!

Governor Abbot of Texas has ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the joint special forces exercise known as Jade Helm 15. After Army Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lastoria went to Bastrop Texas to assure the folk they were not being invaded Governor Abbott called out the Texas Guard, at considerable tax payer expense, in case the Colonel Lastoria is a liar.


1st amendment defense or irresponsible terror baiting?

1st amendment defense or irresponsible terror baiting?

Come at me Bro, part II

Pam Geller hosts a Draw Mohammed contest with $10,000 American to the best cartoon of the prophet of islam. When Islamic terrorists open fire on the art contest a security team shot them dead. No other injuries reported. Not sure why that’s funny to me, but the image of these scary terrorists being shot seconds after they attacked just makes me laugh.


Chuck freaking Norris

Chuck freaking Norris

Chuck freaking Norris

Texas Ranger Chuck Norris (not really, he’s from Oklahoma), is ready to throw down with the nation’s top special forces units if they try anything hinky in Texas. Can Chuck take down the Navy Seals, Army Green Berets, and Air Force Combat Controllers? We report, you decide! (But yeah, we think he probably could, it’s Chuck freaking Norris!)



All this plus Nevada unveils the first autonomous trucks. They’re on the road, and they are un-manned. Sign of the Apocalypse? Yes, yes it is.


Click the link, then gather your loved ones and head for the hills. The trucks are coming.

UF/UF 91: Don’t mess with Texas!

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Jenner comes out – as an LGBT-R!

brucejennerIn the recent Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner, he came out with a revelation that shocked a community. Not so much that he is a transgender, but that he (gasp) not only considers himself a conservative, but the r-word. Republican.

(Editorial note: Bruce Jenner will be referred to with the male pronoun in this article, because every article I’ve read on this says thats what you’re supposed to do until Bruce says he wants to be referred to as a woman. Beyond this explanation, don’t ask me any questions about it because I don’t have any other answer.)

Apparently, this has set the LGBT community on their backsides. Talk about your basic hypocrisy. Once he made this announcement, the LGBTers went crazy. Here’s a few samples from the twitter-verse. (click it to make it large, warning- profanity).


Click here to see other tweets as posted in the Independent Journal Review article.

Nice, eh? All ready to show your overwhelming support and love, only to have it trumped by politics. Yes, you are an understanding, inclusive community indeed. Hypocritical bastards. Worse, he even said he “wasn’t gay.” This apparently made some LGBTers stick their hands down the garbage disposal in despair. That’s sad. Just a bunch of knuckleheaded, hypocritical, judgmental pricks after all. Welcome to the same club you’re always pointing your fingers at.

So, as Fran and I prepared to do our podcast the other night, and I revealed this bit of information, (about Jenner being transgender and a republican) and we both had a lot of questions for which we had no answer. But here’s what I found on the “Log Cabin Republicans” website. Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), by the way, are members of the LGBT community who are Republicans. Their website is linked below.

Before we get there, one of my own philosophies in politics is that nothing ever gets done because politicians only concentrate on what they disagree about. From there, the argument only goes in circles. I’ve always thought it would be better to start with “what do we agree about?” first, and go from there. Especially on difficult issues, let’s find out if there’s anything we agree about first, and then we can sort through our differences. I came about this philosophy years ago by reading Gerry Spence’s book “How to Argue and Win Every Time” which, despite its title, is a book that spends considerable time talking about understanding the other side of an issue. It’s about making “the argument” from a logical standpoint, not an emotional one. Once you know what you’re in alignment about, maybe you can start addressing the differences?

You know, maybe we could solve a problem or two. But that doesn’t get votes, doesn’t sell advertisement on political talk shows.

So here’s a quote I found in an article on the Log Cabin Republicans  website, reprinted from the Guardian, titled “Bruce Jenner: Transgender and Republican, is that a contradiction?”

The organization’s national executive director, Gregory Angelo said that the idea that transgender identify and conservatism were mutually exclusive was a myth put out through the media by the gay left.

“There’s a very diverse LGBT community out there that aligns itself with basic conservative principles” he said. Angelo added that the philosophy of the group was to engage fellow Republicans with 90% of politics in which they were in agreement, and then take on the more difficult 10%” “We remind the GOP of the roots of the party – in equality, in emancipation, suffrage and civil rights”

The 10% may be crucial and seemingly insurmountable, but from the LCR website, here, in part, is their “What We Believe” statement from their website:

We are loyal Republicans. We believe in limited government, strong national defense, free markets, low taxes, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Log Cabin Republicans represents an important part of the American family-taxpaying, hard-working people who proudly believe in this nation’s greatness.

If I could find people who believe in low taxes, believe in actually paying their taxes, and believe in limited government, that’s a big start. I’ll take that over tax and spend bed-wetting liberals who think government can solve all your problems any day.

Anyways, you go, Bruce. What a shame your big coming out made so many LGBTers miserable.

By the way, Diane, we’re through.






UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.

We didn’t start the fire, but we’re sure as hell gonna talk about it, mock it, and be irreverent towards it. Episode 90 ain’t for the faint of heart. If you’re the easily offended type, maybe skip this one.

All others, well you know what to do.

UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.

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Tease me.

Wow. I got nothin.

Wow. I got nothin.

He’s not a she, but she’s not a he…

Or something like that. We’re really not sure what’s happening with Bruce Jenner. In fact the only thing he made perfectly clear the other night is he’s a republican and not a big fan of Obama. The twitter tizzy was epic as you might imagine.

Now we'll get that justice we so richly deserve.

Now we’ll get that justice we so richly deserve.




Kill it with fire!

A man dies while in police custody. The death is shady to say the least. The community wants change. I know, lets torch the CVS, that’ll fix everything.


To the moon Alice!

To the moon Alice!



Send in the clowns!

I’m not sure what the saturation point is but I feel like we may be getting close. Jon Bolton is joining the party. Yes, the former US Ambassador to the UN thinks he can be that change we’ll believe in. Not much to say now except, All Aboard!



All this plus signs of the apocalypse?!?

How can you not click?

UF/UF 90: We didn’t start the fire.


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UF/UF 89: Little bit of this, little bit of that.

Very bizarre show tonight. We discuss everything from bees flying drones with their minds to congressmen backing down an out of control protester in a most awesomely epic fashion. Stay focused and try to keep up as Episode 89 hurtles down the track.


UF/UF 89: Little bit of this, little bit of that.

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Tease Time

That drone is being flown be a bee brain. Not kidding.

That drone is being flown be a bee brain. Not kidding.

Honey Drones

Some geniuses, or complete morons, re-animate the brain of a deceased honey bee. They then use that brain to fly a drone. It won’t be long, the lads say, till that brain becomes self aware and makes its own decisions. Great, just great. Do these guys not have HBO?


Nice climbing equipment UN.

Nice climbing equipment Un.


Our favorite dictator is back and he’s badder then ever. Kim Jong Un, leader of the Peoples Republic of North Korea, scaled the highest peak in said North Korea. He did this dressed in his Sunday best with not one hair out of place. Good to be the king.



He'll get my vote. Not kidding.

He’ll get my vote. Not kidding.

You talkin to me!?!

US Congressman Steve Knight (R) CA, defends himself from a protester that would not let him go. It’s hard to hear in the clip but Rep Knight tells Mike, “Touch me again and I’ll drop your ass.” To which Mike smartly replies by backing up. Should we praise Knight or murder him internet style? We report you decide! (Pssst.. praise him.)




All that plus the IRS goes full moron and Hill-Dogg goes underground. Click people, it’s your only chance.

UF/UF 89: Little bit of this, little bit of that.


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All this over little Britt?


Go get em, Britt-britt

If you’ve not seen the video by now, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is seen saying some nasty, personally demeaning things to the employee of a tow truck company. I watch ESPN regularly, but I don’t specifically remember Britt McHenry.

I’m not feeling outraged like most Americans seem to be. Here’s just a few of my thoughts.

The video is edited. We don’t know all that was being said to her, or what had happened previously.  I’d like to know the other side of the story. Would that justify what she said? I don’t know, maybe. So, you’ve never been screwed and told anyone off?

Mary Katherine Ham started her own twitter stream by tweeting the following:


Apparently this towing company has had quite a  few better business bureau complaints, with many of them specifically concerning the lady McHenry was talking to.  They reportedly have even towed cars that were not in no parking zones. For more information, read the article linked from the Post.

My son had his car towed once. He parked downtown in a “no parking” zone that was specifically designated that so the cops could write tickets and the contracted towing company could tow cars. Do I have any evidence of that? No, but if you saw it, a no parking sign on what’s essentially a deserted street, you’d agree. This was probably 12 years ago. When I went to get the car, the towing fee was 90 dollars. It was four blocks away from where the car was parked. It was legalized robbery sanctioned by the city. The people were rude and nasty. What I said to them would make Britt McHenry look like a pre-schooler.

You’ve never had someone take your car and then screw with you?

I’ve had some epic rants. There was the guy from the water utility, the roofer who worked on our house after the hail-storm, but I’m actually most proud of chewing out the cop that incorrectly filled out an accident report. After going bombastic on him for several minutes, I demanded he change it to accurately reflect the incident (It was an insurance thing). He did. I have just realized, however, that based on current public sentiment, I would have lost at least four jobs in the last 10 years. (At least if I was a low level sideline reporter for ESPN).

What amazes me most is how everyone is the judge and jury of Britt McHenry based on about 40 seconds of video tape. People are calling for her job? Really? Congratulations, you’re all better than her. Which means you think you’re better than someone else, which is what Britt McHenry thinks. But you’ve never said those kinds of nasty things, right? So, yea, you’re better than her. Which is what she thinks. Don’t think about this too long unless you’re smoking weed, in which case, get some Doritos first.

If that doesn’t send you in a circle, try this. People are also calling her the dreaded “B” word, “bully.” But, what if she was being bullied by the tow truck company? Huh, who’s the victim now?

It wasn’t nice, but it’s not a crime. You’ve never told anyone off? Never? You ever say anything that you’re glad wasn’t recorded and put out for the general public? Maybe you’re just pissed that Britt McHenry has more balls than you.

I mean, I’m on social media, and 75% of the people routinely post the nastiest, personally demeaning comments to anyone whose politics differ from theirs. I hear people, men and women, swear without thinking about it in the grocery store. You can’t get away from the F-word these days. But let a pretty little sideline reporter show her mean side and suddenly, everyone’s a Sunday School teacher.

The whole thing was a minute long, for goodness sake. Buck up a little. Does everyone live in gilded cages these days?

To quote President Obama, “Maybe you should get off your high horse.”

McHenry looks exactly like the kind of person who’s probably stuck up and has an attitude. Young, pretty, college graduate, on tv, and not afraid to tell some uneducated, fat women with bad teeth working in a nasty trailer that she’s an uneducated fat women with bad teeth working in a nasty trailer.

Sometimes people need an ass-chewing. I’m not going to critique her style. I thought she was rather calm, but a little more personal than I would have been. She was all down with that sort of “mean girls” act. (Which everyone loves when it’s in a movie). I prefer to go more loud and bombastic. Dude stuff. Launch those swear words like mortar rounds.

This is a lot of nonsense over nothing.

Yes, we should all be better people. I wish people would remember that other than when something like this happens and people can express their outrage and feel better about themselves. Maybe Britt McHenry’s not a nice person. I know some people who are not nice. Some of them are even my friends.  As for the rest of you, as we say in East Tennessee, “bless your heart.”



UF/UF 88: The Tax Man Cometh

It’s tax day my friends! Well it was when we recorded this last night. For your sake I hope you are square with The Man. We all know what the IRS can do when motivated by a certain Administration, if you know what I’m saying. Anyway, pay your taxes you deadbeats, but first click the link.

UF/UF 88: The Tax Man Cometh

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Tease Time

Well this is just tired, polarizing, & out of touch!

Well this is just tired, polarizing, & out of touch!

Never go super stupid!

Hill-dogg’s “Super Volunteers” have published a manifesto of sorts for journalists on what words can and can not be said when referencing Hillary as she runs for Pres. In a galactically super stupid move Hill-dogg’s team has put her behind the 8-Ball on day one. And she’s not running against anyone!




At least Gary has better taste in mistresses than Bill.

At least Gary has better taste in mistresses than Bill.

Be afraid, be very very afraid.

Prominent Democrat and former Colorado Senator Gary Hart, yes that Gary Hart, says Americans should be super frightened about the money being raised and subsequently spent by Hillary Clinton on her run for the White House. With some estimates in the billion dollar range, how much is too much when running for such a high office? We report you decide!


I vote for To Kill a Mockingbird.

I vote for To Kill a Mockingbird.

The End of Days in Tennessee?

Taping the show last night a TN State House bill that would make the christian bible the state book of TN passed 55-38. Since that time the TN Senate has overturned said bill, thus averting Armageddon or the Apocalypse, depending on which of the 583 different versions of the christian bible you may or may not adhere to. Who the hell thought this was a good idea to start with anyway?


All this plus a pharmacist decides the only drug people need is God. Maybe Armageddon is upon us after all.

Don’t miss it.

UF/UF 88: The Tax Man Cometh

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